HR consulting

Consulting projects are to support your business activities in the process of change. Changes in human resource management require a unique approach based not only on skills in this field but, perhaps above all, on maintaining a neutral approach to the problem. Every consulting project begins with a diagnose of the current situation and selection of an appropriate solution, depending on your needs and organisational culture.

Within consulting projects based on years of our experience we can offer you the following:

  1. employment restructuring and outplacement,
  2. work evaluation system,
  3. system of staff performance appraisal and identification of training needs,
  4. assessment of needs and identification of further directions for professional development of staff (development centre)
  5. survey of staff attitudes – a survey to identify the level of overall staff satisfaction at the situation of changes, for diagnostic purposes and for planning staff policy.
  6. diagnosis of personality potentials from the perspective of a particular job position and organizational culture (personality characteristics, evaluation of suitability) based on the SLG Thomas International method.

We guarantee:

  • discretion and confidentiality of the processes conducted,
  • analysis of the situation and needs which derive from it,
  • open and flexible co-operation,