External employment


Temporary work is a flexible form of employment providing staff with capabilities of quickly responding to various market challenges. We are able to quickly recruit and hire required employees. Our vast experience has enabled us to develop effective procedures in this regard. We would like to share this experience with you offering services of the highest standard.

Temporary work is especially beneficial for companies with the following situations:

  • seasonality of production or services,
  • temporary increase in production or provision of services,
  • necessity to check staff suitability for employment (trial employment)
  • holiday or sickness absence,
  • requiring one-time employment such as promotional campaigns, procedural works,
  • apprenticeship of new staff to the profession, re-training,

We guarantee:

  • flexible form of employment,
  • we can perform duties related to work safety (training)
  • effective manners of recruitment and selection,
  • our database of candidates ready to work,
  • acquisition of formalities related to HR and payroll services,
  • bringing facilitation and relief to HR department


Outsourcing of processes from the company allows you to operate more efficiently and to focus at the objectives and strategic tasks forming the value of your company only. The responsibility for the outsourced process or company department is taken by our Staff Service safeguarding the continuity of the process, providing flexible co-operation and high quality service.

Outsourcing of functions can include a variety of business areas, such as:

  • HR and payroll area,
  • auxiliary-production area (packing, sorting, etc.)
  • administrative area (services within call centre, reception, exhibition stands),
  • The service can also involve transfer of existing employees operating in a specific area.

We guarantee:

  • cost efficiency,
  • maintaining continuity of work, regardless of circumstances,
  • selection of staff with appropriate qualifications,
  • formal and legal support,