For Employers

Our extensive experience working with a diverse range of companies and individuals has taught us that knowledge and staff professionalism are not the sole determining factors for success. Equally vital is a deep understanding of mutual needs, rooted in trust and discretion throughout the employment process. As a result, our approach to recruitment places significance not only on aligning candidates with job positions but also on harmonizing them with the work environment and organizational culture.


Within the recruitment projects we perform:

Individual recruitments:

  1. executive search
  2. recruitment and selection

Large-ranged recruitments:

  1. preliminary selection of candidates
  2. mass recruitment, at the nationwide level as well

We guarantee:

  • confidentiality and discretion,
  • analysis of the situation and needs,
  • database of candidates ready to work,
  • use of recruitment tools (interviews, tests, assessment centre sessions),
  • multiple channels of access to candidates,